37th Season #02 -- The Curse of Frankenstein's Castle

By Carrollwood Players Theatre (other events)

8 Dates Through Nov 04, 2017

Written by Joe Pauly

What happens when you take the classic monster movies of the 1930’s and 1940’s and cross them with the comedy styles of “Airplane,” Monty Python” and “The Three Stooges?” You get the brand new comedy, “The Curse of Frankenstein’s Castle.” See the tortured Doctor Victor Frankenstein carry on his father’s dream of creating life from death. Meet his fiancée, the beautiful Elizabeth, and a weird little hunchbacknamed Ybor. Witness the adventures of the famous monster hunter Van Helsing, and the antics of the comedic Police Chief Inspector, Von Kraut. Hear the musings of the mysterious gypsy Maleva, and discover all of the strange and bizarre residents of the tiny German village of Frankenstein - including the Monster! A world premiere production!